World Cat Day 2018

Today (August 8, 2018) is International Cat Day, a day to give homage to domestic cats and to spread the word about the reasons to adopt cats. More than 57% of average households own at least one cat; and it's no surprise after learning the benefits of owning a cat. Here are a few reasons why cats make the purrfect pet:

  • Cats are independent. They can take care of themselves; and they will find their way. 
  • Cats don't need to go outside to use the bathroom. Set out a litter box; and feel free to go on a weekend getaway!
  • Cats are low-maintenance. Any other questions?
  • They can't hide their emotions. The purr gives away their happiness and appreciation for cat owners.
  • Cats are hunters and make great barn cats. If property owners have a mouse problem, they will take care of it.

Give cats a special gift this World Cat Day by installing a cat fence in the yard for their outdoor enjoyment. Like dogs, cats need a chance to run freely and play with other animals. Having a cat enclosure in the backyard is not only convenient, but it allows for secure playtime. 

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