Fence Materials For the DIY Fence Project

Starting a DIY project can be intimidating - do I have all the fence parts I need? What if I am missing pieces? It can be overwhelming; but luckily, you have EasyPetFence.com to help you through the fence installation process. Below, you will find a list of all the fence parts and accessories you need to begin installing a dog fence from EasyPetFence.com. Let's get started!

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Poly Dog Fence Rolls


As puppies grow into adulthood, they need an outdoor play area for training purposes, exercise and socialization with their owner and other domestic dogs.
This is why poly dog fence rolls are needed for new dog owners of small and calm dogs. Poly dog fence rolls create a basic outdoor puppy enclosure made from a tough plastic fence material that is UV-stabilized for protection against all-weather elements. We strongly recommend choosing this type of fence for low-energy dogs. This fence type lasts approximately 10-15 years in the field. 

Large, energetic dogs need a chance to burn off pint up energy...outside. For dog owners that have adopted a dog that likes to chew or dig, EasyPetFence.com recommends installing a metal dog fence such as our Steel Hex Web Fence for big dogs. The virtually invisible steel web is PVC-coated to protect it from rusting or corroding from sun and rain exposure, extending the life of the fence to 20 to 30 years.
Another metal dog fence to consider is our welded wire fence. Welded Wire Fence are the strongest fence type on today's market for large, rambunctious dogs. We strongly suggest that chewing and digging dogs should be placed behind this PVC-coated dog fencing. This metal fence feature a sleek black mesh design that blends-in with the surrounding landscape, becoming a virtually invisible fence from about 20 feet away. 


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