Adopt-a-Cat Month

June is Adopt a Cat Month

Because spring was kitten season, we saw an increase in feline breeding patterns; and while we love the sight of kittens, these cats now become part of the estimated 70 million homeless cats in the United States. For this reason, is joining animal shelters nationwide in the fight to get cats off the streets and into clean, forever homes this Adopt a Cat Month.

Cat Adoption Needed

Many new pet owners may feel unsure about adopting a cat from a shelter because of possible physical or mental trauma from past owners. Shelter cats can make wonderful pets and should be considered for adoption. Because only about 2 percent of cats that enter into shelters are reunited with their owners, pet adoption may be their last chance before euthanization.

Fact: 56 percent of dogs and 71 percent of homeless cats that enter animal shelters are euthanized each year. More often than not, adult dogs and cats are put-down because incoming owners hope for puppies and kittens instead of older pets. 

Here are a few reasons why cats make good pets:

  1. Cats are independent and do not require outside "walks," as they are litter-box trained.
  2. Hearing a cat purr will melt your heart!
  3. They are playful and welcome attention.
  4. Cats do not require bathing. They are able to wash themselves; and groom daily.
  5. Cats can be trained not to scratch furniture and can retrieve toys.

Ways to get involved this month

This cat month, consider fundraising to celebrate the joy of cats; donate to a special animal charity; start a TNR Cat Program; and adopt a cat from a No-Kill Animal Rescue. Because spring was kitty season, there will be an influx of cat breeds in animal shelters waiting for a home. Now is the time to come to the rescue and find the right cat for your family. Or, at least volunteer at a cat sanctuary or rescue center.

After you have brought home your pet, you will need to train your cat and spoil them with love, affection and cat toys galore! Be sure to set out nutritious food, fresh water and a warm, dry place to curl-up to throughout the year. If you think the garage is a safe area for your cat, think again. Leaked fuel exhaust or fumes are bad for cat health if ingested and cat lead to death. Lastly, cats need fresh air just as much as dogs; and they can wander the backyard freely in a Kitty Corral Outdoor Cat Enclosure. By placing a cat behind a cat fence, cats can enjoy the company from other animals while staying protected [in a familiar environment, the Great Outdoors]. This way, cat owners won't have to worry about their pets being lost, hurt or stolen. 

Celebrate Adopt a Cat Month with for the love of cats! Follow the conversation on Facebook page using hashtag #AdoptACatMonth.

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