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"We just moved and needed fencing to keep the dogs contained and from chasing wildlife. The fencing material is exactly what we expected, light weight, non tangle and easy to stretch. It worked great and looks good. I will purchase this product again. Great price value and great product." Eva S. 

"My cats had always been indoor until I found this system. I've never seen them so happy! I will never have a cat without a cat fenced yard again." Vanessa T.

"At first I thought we wouldn't be able to do it, but once we watched the videos and took our time it became easier. It took us a week doing some each day but it turned out better than expected and the dogs love it." Sandra C. 

"I purchased the 2" square fencing to repair my cat fence. This is the perfect fencing for cats (and small dogs). The cats will not try to climb the fence because it's wobbly. That discourages them. My cats enjoy being outside with us while we enjoy our patio." Valerie M.

"This fence looks really nice and works great for keeping my dogs in and other animals out!" Erin H.

"In my backyard, I have a 5' black metal decorative fence that my small dogs could squeeze through, which meant I couldn't let them out of their small pen. I purchased black-coated welded wire fence and used vinyl wire-ties to fasten it to the bottom of my existing fence. It created a perfect fence for my dogs. It's hardly noticeable from the street, strong enough to use a string trimmer against, coated to prevent rust and very easy to cut with simple wire cutters. A great solution to my problem. I was hesitant about whether it would work; but the free shipping and the coupon helped make the decision to try it, and I'm thrilled that I did." Lynn K.

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