Celebrate Dog Training Education Month

It doesn't matter if a dog is entering a home for the first time; or, if pet owners adopted a dog years prior; training dogs is necessary for proper growth and development. This February, pet owners are encouraged to train dogs and teach them new skills. Here are some ideas how to train dogs.

Why Train Dogs?
You actually can teach an old dog new tricks; and teaching dogs something new will help their cognitive abilities later in life. It can be as simple as "Sit," "Fetch," or "Roll Over." These basic dog commands will help keep the dog calm and well-behaved.

Explore a Dog Park

Dog parks are enjoyable for dogs that may not have a lot of chances to hangout with other pets. Generally, dog parks contain open grassy areas for outdoor playtime and bonding with pet owners and obstacles for dogs to learn.

Dog Training Programs

Don't have time to train dogs at home? Find a dog training center near you. A certified dog trainer will teach dogs of all ages how to behave (obedience training) and play nicely with other animals in a fenced-in area. Dog training courses can range from hourly affairs to weekend getaways for pets. Dog training centers can be pricey; but they are worth the investment to have a well-rounded pup at home. 

Pawsitive Reinforcement Helps.

Instead of yelling at dogs when they do something wrong, give your pet a healthy dog treat when they do something right! This action will teach the dog the benefits of listening and being patient. 


This February, spread the word about the importance of dog training; and train your dog a new skill this month. 


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