Lost Pet Prevention Month

Did you know that a pet dog or cat goes missing every two seconds?

That's approximately 10 million animals annually that are lost or stolen. What's worse is that only 10 percent of pets are reunited with their pet owners. Fourth of July is the busiest time of the year for friends and family to get together to party and celebrate America's birthday. As such, this is the time when pets go missing - either from wandering away from their pet owners or hiding away from the crackle of fireworks. This July, pet owners should spend extra attention to guarantee pet lost prevention.

If your pet goes missing this month, don't panic.

Take the initiative to do the following:

Before taking a car ride, look for your domestic animals around the house or area where you last saw them. Cats may seem gone for good; but sometimes they are hiding in trees or bushes away from dogs that are chasing/scaring them away. Call out their name; and wait patiently. Go door-to-door, if you feel comfortable.

Add as much information about your missing dog or cat as possible on social media. Include pictures of the missing animal; and wait to see if anyone friends or relatives know more. If not, there are local animal groups that may be able to help. Reach out to them.

Post a picture of your dog with information about fur color, age, eye color; or anything that will help people easily identify your missing pet.

Let your local animal shelter, veterinarian and animal care center know that you are missing a pet; and see if your missing animal has entered into the facility.

Although it is great to know what to do when your pet goes missing, there are ways to prevent lost pets:

If you know that your dog gets frightened by thunder, chances are they will stress out over big crowds and the blasting of fireworks. It's best to keep them away from large groups of people and/or left at home.

If the weather is pleasant, place dogs and cats in the backyard away from people. Having an outdoor pet enclosure assures pet owners that their pets are surrounded by a pet fence that will prevent pets from getting lost, hurt or stolen. offers both easy to install dog fencing and cat fencing options.

Always keep ID-tags on dogs and cats. I was driving once and saw a stray dog wandering down the street. I pulled over, checked the dog's tag; and I returned the animal to its owner. Luckily, the animal didn't get hit by a car; and I was able to reunite the owner with its pet.

With these lost pet prevention tips, your dog and cat will remain safely by your side.

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