It's National Pet Month!

Pet owners share a special bond with their pets - after all, dogs and cats are our babies as well as our best friends. Our pets are always there for us, sharing with us precious first moments including first babies and first cars. But, they are also there for a shoulder to cry on after our first break up.

As our way of saying 'thank you' to pets, we declare May to be National Pet Month. There are many ways to get involved in National Pet Month in May. Here are a few ways to contribute:

Donate money to a pet organization or cause you feel strongly about that may be involved with animal care, pet health, or the humane treatment of animals. 

Volunteer at an animal shelter near you or a local animal rescue. Spend time feeding animals and giving them plenty of hugs.

Adopt dogs or cats from a no-kill animal shelter. There are over 2 million animals euthanized each year around the country at animal shelters; and we can help reduce the rate by not getting a pet store dog. Save a life and gain a friend. 

Train Dogs. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Wrong! Teaching dogs new skills helps with both cognitive functionality as well as with physical well-being.

Start a Dog Foster Program at home. Bring in a dog in-need; and provide him/her with healthy dog foods; proper health care and a fenced-in yard to run, socialize with other animals and play!

Organize a Cat TNR Program. There are over 60 million stray cats in the United States; and not only are they spreading diseases; but they are reproducing and adding to the number of feral cats. Get homeless cats off the streets while spay and neutering them. See how a cat fence enclosure can help with the initiative.

National Pet Month isn't just for current pet owners; it's for anyone that is an animal lover! Let us know how you are getting involved this month. Join the conversation on Facebook using hashtag #NationalPetMonth.


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