How To Be a Responsible Dog Owner

Anyone can be a dog owner; but to be a responsible owner requires a special set of skills and commitment. This September, we'll explore what is needed for perspective and current dog owners to turn into responsible care givers for animals. 

Like us, dogs have a right to request basic living necessities such as clean drinking water; healthy dog foods; and shelter. Being that dogs are our best friends, they deserve more than just the basics. They deserve a secure environment that is pet-friendly. They should get extra lovin', attention, toys and more.  

First of all, it doesn't matter if it's a puppy or a senior dog, pets need regular visits to a local veterinarian to keep up-to-date with shots and vaccines. Dogs will need proper dental care and will need to be checked for tick diseases, cardiovascular issues and other dog health concerns. 

Dogs need proper Identification tags. I.D. for dogs should include name, address and phone number at all times in the event of a lost dog. An alternative to ID'ing dogs is to microchip them. Micro-chipping puppies at a young age can help ensure that lost dogs are matched back with owners. 

Dogs deserve safety and security at home. They should have shelter from the changing weather and a place to cool down when it gets too hot or cold outside. They should have an open area to play with other animals and bond with their pet owners. They should stay protected against wildlife conflicts and encounters with strangers that may try to harm the pet.

Dogs need exercise to prevent health complications later in life. Dogs that sit around indoors become lethargic, stiff, and obese. In fact, 53 percent of dogs in America are considered to be overweight or obese. Owners need to work on strength training exercises for dogs including workouts that require dogs to "jump," "sit," "run" and "roll over." (All activities can be done from the convenience of the backyard with dog fencing.)

Dogs really are man's best friend; and they give us the best years of our lives. Do the same for them this Responsible Dog Ownership Month with the help from 


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