The Humane Solution To Outdoor Pet Enclosures

Here at, we care about the outdoor safety and wellness of animals; which is why we only offer humane pet fences for dogs, cats and backyard chickens. With an easy-to-install pet enclosure from, pet owners have the peace of mind knowing that their domestic pets are securely surrounded by a fence that is made from the best fence materials on today’s market complete with quality fence parts. Dog owners can explore poly and metal dog fence rolls for sale while cat owners can learn more about our affordable catio, the Kitty Corral Cat Fence System. Even chicken owners will find a chew-proof poultry fence for their flock. No matter which type of animal fence you choose, guarantees that your pet will be satisfied with their new outside play area. Explore to find the right fence for your yard.

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Why You Need Dog Fencing

A Dog Fence from is a must-have for any type of dog. Our fence for dogs are humane, safe and reliable outdoor enclosures. We do not offer dog shock collars or electric fences, as these are often viewed by dog owners as inhumane. Your pets will love the freedom to roam the backyard while getting fit, socializing with other domestic dogs and bonding with their owners. Dog trainers will appreciate the open space for training new dogs, too.

Whether you have adopted a large dog or puppy, has the right type of fence for your breed.


Why You Need Cat Fencing

Many cat owners are surprised to learn that there is a cat enclosure on the market for domestic cats. Our cat fence is called the Kitty Corral Cat Fencing System, made from the same quality poly fence mesh as our fencing for small dogs. Like dogs, pet cats need exercise to stay fit and get fresh air; and with our outdoor cat enclosure, domestic pets can wander the backyard safely without fear of getting lost or hurt by wildlife. The top of this fence for cats reinforces bird control, while the welded wire at the bottom stops the cat from crawling underneath the fence.

To improve animal health and wellness, choose a pet fence from

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