Keeping your canine companions safe in your yard is no doubt a top priority, but it isn't always easy. Putting up an effective dog fence can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming, especially if you're renting a property or need an urgent solution to keep your dogs contained. At Easy Pet Fence, we offer a range of easy-to-install fencing options for dogs and cats. We also supply separate parts, allowing you to optimize your dog fence as needed.

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At Easy Pet Fence, we offer essential posts to provide extra strength and durability to your dog fence. We have various posts and other components to accompany these posts for the best results. 

Types of Dog Fence Posts at Easy Pet Fence

Not all posts are created equally—which is why we offer different types of fence posts to help homeowners find the right match for their pet and fence line.

Dog Fence Heavy Line Posts

These are our strongest type of fence posts. Round posts for fences use a ground sleeve system that allows you to insert and remove them from the ground easily for seasonal use. They are installed by simply driving the sleeve into the ground with a sledgehammer and drive cap. Additionally, these posts come with a black vinyl coating, making your fence look neat and attractive. 

Black Ground Sleeve for 1 5/8" Post

Ground sleeves are necessary to keep the heavy duty fence posts in place. When installing your dog fence, you'll drive the ground sleeves 30 inches into the ground and slide the dog posts 12 inches into the sleeves. These sleeves make the fence more rigid and sturdy to withstand force without pulling the posts out of the ground. 

Our sleeves have pointed tips so you can drive them into the ground more easily. These ground sleeves also have drainage holes and a black powder coating to protect against rust and water accumulation. 

Driver Cap for Sleeve of 1 5/8" Post

Our driver caps create a suitable surface on the top of the ground sleeve that allows you to pound the sleeve into the ground with ease. You can use the driver cap on up to 21 ground sleeves before needing a new one since it deforms over multiple uses. loses its integrity after multiple uses.

Driver caps prevent the ground sleeves from bending or breaking as you drive them into the ground. That's why it's essential to use driver caps when installing your dog fence, as they can reduce the risk of unnecessary wastage and save you time and money in the long run. 

Green Steel U-Posts With Anchor Plate

Our steel U-post is another option that makes our fences easy to install with their U-shaped design. These posts are robust and resistant to rust and corrosion, allowing them to provide optimal strength and support to your dog fence. The studded notch feature enables the post to keep your dog fence firmly secured to prevent it from shifting over time. 

All you have to do is drive the U-post into the ground such that the anchor plate is below the dirt or grass line. These posts offer a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution to provide your fence with long-lasting support. 

Angle Steel Posts - (8 Pack)

These lighter-weight steel posts have an L-shape that allows them to slide into the ground, particularly in rocky soils. Holes down the length of the posts make attaching the fence with self-locking ties easy. We offer a post-driving tool for quickly driving these posts into the ground. Since these posts are easy to install, they are ideal for temporary enclosures. To achieve maximum rigidity, place your angled fence posts 10 to 15 feet apart along the fence's perimeter. 

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Dog fence posts are crucial for making your fence strong and secure, allowing you to keep your furry friends safe and sound inside your property. Browse our collection of dog fence posts and place your order online. You can also contact us for further assistance in finding the right dog fencing parts and materials to suit your unique requirements.