Welded Wire Dog Fence Kits

Welded wire is a great alternative to more expensive fencing options. Made of galvanized steel with a PVC coating, it is ready to withstand the elements and create a reliable perimeter fence for your pet enclosure.

This type of fence is aesthetically pleasing and great both small dogs  and large dogs alike.  

Choosing a dog fence kit is the easiest way to gather all of your fence parts—tell us your desired height and length, and we’ll take care of making sure you’ve got the basics, including a roll(s) of fencing, fence posts, a drive cap, fence stakes and self-locking ties.

Welded Wire Fence is the strongest metal fence material offered on EasyPetFence.com. This type of wire fence is guaranteed to last at least 20 years in the field and make your dog happy and healthy. And, did we mention that welded wire fence may meet pool code?

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