Dog Fence Ground Stakes

Add ground stakes to your fence to improve its safety and security for your furry friends. Shop our collection of high-quality dog fence stakes today.

Setting up Your Dog Ground Stake System

The following tips can help you choose and successfully install the right dog stakes for your ground and fencing system.

How Do You Put Dog Stakes in the Ground?

When you stake a fence for your dogs or cats, you want to space the anchors evenly along the fence line. We recommend installing one every 5 feet for the best results. You can use a hammer or sledgehammer to drive the stakes in, securing the bottom edge of the fencing material under the stake's hook at the top. Ensure you drive them down completely for enhanced safety and protection against digging.

What Are Dog Stakes For?

Dog fence stakes are essential for creating the most secure and safe enclosure for your pets to explore and play freely. They are driven down into the ground and effectively anchor the barrier into place. Staking a fence with a flare at the base prevents escapes by dogs digging beneath the fence. It also prevents many other animals that could harm your beloved companions from entering through the bottom.

Considerations for Selecting Ground Stakes

It's important to consider several factors when choosing fence stakes for dogs. For example, you'll want to assess your pup's size and strength to ensure you choose a strong enough stake. Selecting durable, high-quality construction materials is also vital. Since the fence is continually exposed to outdoor weather, you'll want options that can resist moisture and corrosion for a longer life span.

It's also best to choose ground stakes that drive completely down with no visible protrusions. This approach helps ensure it's safe to walk along the fence line without risking injury.

Kinked vs. Rebar Ground Stakes for Dog Fences

Your property's soil provides yet another determinant for the type of dog ground anchor you need.

Those with average soil can opt for our 12-inch kinked ground stakes. These feature galvanized metal construction with a kinked design that creates a sturdy ground anchor and makes the stakes challenging to dislodge or remove easily. Alternatively, we suggest our heavier-duty rebar stakes for those with rocky, hard, or high-clay-content soils. These feature a full 12 or 18 inches of length and a sturdy J-hook design.

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