Dog Fence Corners and Ends

Provide the recommended support for your easy-to-install Easy Pet Fence dog fencing with our corners and ends. Explore the entire lineup online today.

The Importance of Corners and Ends for Your Dog Fence

Your fence's corners, places where the fence changes direction, and ends — the places where it terminates next to a structure — can be vulnerable spots because of the strain they undergo. A fence corner post has the barrier essentially pulling on it in two different directions, while the end post must be sturdily constructed to withstand the fence's strain along one side. 

Without the right construction, these points may fail to support your fence's weight and structure. That can lead to the system bending or pulling up at these areas once under tension, increasing the potential for your dog to escape. An improperly constructed corner or end could also alter tension along the fence line and create an easier exit for your canine companion. Both are safety concerns that could result in injuries to your pet.

At Easy Pet Fence, we've designed our corner fences and ends to safeguard against those outcomes. Our fence corner and end assemblies feature a diagonal bracing that helps them provide reliable structural support for your Easy Pet Fence solution. Top rail corners and ends feature a crossbar for each direction. Both styles help boost your fence's durability, longevity, performance, and visual appeal.

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We have several options for you to choose from as you complete your fence post installation. Our selection includes sleeved ends and corners in both standard and top-rail styles. Multiple heights are available to get the pet protection level you need for your furry friend's security.

All feature our exclusive no-dig approach to make installation as straightforward as possible for the DIYer pet enthusiast. Please note that some homeowners with hard or rocky ground may have minimal digging requirements for a successful installation. We recommend reviewing the detailed instructions or contacting us for advice before purchasing if this may apply to your property.

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