What do you need to make a secure cat enclosure? Cat fence posts with extensions are vital components of any cat enclosure. These posts allow you to extend your cat fence enclosure as needed. If your cat enjoys spending time outdoors but can easily knock down your makeshift barriers, our high-quality fence posts for cat fencing can help. The cat fence posts extenders prevent your furry companion from climbing over the fence, keeping them safely inside the enclosure.

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Easy Pet Fence carries a variety of cat fence post offerings that reduce unnecessary installation work. You can find:

  • Cat fence posts
  • Cat fence posts with extenders
  • Black cat fence post driver cap for efficient installation  
  • Ground sleeve system for easy ground access

If you have an existing cat enclosure and want to expand it, our cat fence posts are the ideal solution. Each fence post has an extender, above-ground pipe, ground sleeve, and vinyl post cap for your convenience.

Are Fence Posts for Cat Fencing Necessary?

Yes! You'll need our cat fencing posts with extenders to install your cat fence correctly. These posts keep your fence structure upright and sturdy for long-lasting use. Our cat fence posts and extenders are made of durable materials, measuring 1 and 3/8 inches in diameter to protect against bending and warping.

Our Kitty Corral Cat Fence posts come in 6-foot or 7.5-foot height options to accommodate your pet's needs. You'll want to confirm the height of your cat enclosure system to ensure you're selecting the correct part. Our cat fence posts are available in a single or 2-pack. Our ground sleeves help you easily slide your fence posts into the ground for maximum stability. Be sure to purchase a drive cap to protect the sleeve when you drive it into the ground.

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As a pet owner, you love giving your cat the ability to explore outside. A cat enclosure with secure cat fence posts allows them to do just that while keeping them in a safe, contained environment. At Easy Pet Fence, we carry a wide range of fencing parts and accessories to help you create the catio you envision. 

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