Catio / Fully Enclosed Cat Fence

Catio Enclosures offer complete cat protection on all four a top! These outdoor Full Cat Enclosures will keep even the sneakiest cats secure. It also alleviates the worry of pets being attacked by natural predators like wolves, coyotes, and hawks. Cat enclosures with tops are offered for pet owners who want their cats to roam the yard but have limited space for their pets to play. Our catios/fully enclosed cat fence give cats more space to exercise, explore, and socialize. These kit enclosures are available in plastic, steel hex, and welded wire fence mesh.

Is Catio Fencing Enough for a Cat?

Catios are box-shaped enclosures for cats to jump from level to level for entertainment. These safe enclosures allow cats to run, play, and socialize more with other companion animals. The catios come in varying mesh materials and lengths offered. Fully enclosed cat enclosures are recommended for homeowners and townhouse owners with small yards for cats to play. 

What Is the Difference Between a Fully Enclosed Cat Fence and a Catio?

A catio is like an outdoor patio for cats, allowing your pet to jump from one point to another within an enclosed environment. These fully enclosed outdoor cat fences give your cat full reign over their immediate environment, providing ample space for running, playing, sniffing, and exploring. 

Your cat can discover the world around them and enjoy natural light and everything else nature offers while having complete protection that only a fully enclosed cat fence can provide. A catio enclosure mimics outdoor play with comprehensive security from all four sides and the top.

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Our fully enclosed cat fences are like catio cat enclosures but with added space that allows your feline friend to explore their world, run around, and smell their environment. Thanks to several size options, you can install these fences into any size yard, creating a safe, outdoor-friendly space for your feline friend. Our complete collection of enclosed catio fences includes:

Why Buy a Cat Fence Enclosure With a Top and Gate?

Cat fence enclosures that feature a top and gate allow you to move in and out of the catio fence enclosure when the gate is open while keeping your cats inside. The added security of a top prevents your pet from escaping from above while also providing protection from natural flying predators like hawks or climbing animals.

Your cat can stay fit and healthy by running and exploring, all in a safe and controlled environment in your yard. You also have the added advantage of seeing your cat in their catio/fully enclosed fence, depending on where you install your cat fence. An enclosure with a gate and a top gives your furry companion the needed time to get exercise and fresh air, after which you can securely let them back into the house.

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Give your pet the gift of exploration and safety all in one humane structure. You can install the fully enclosed cat fence yourself or send the instructions to a contractor for professional installation. Shop our fully enclosed catio fencing solutions in plastic, steel hex, or welded wire fence mesh now. You can also request a quote to get started today.