Cat Fence Corners/Ends

One of the many great things about installing an outdoor catio or cat enclosure is how you can create a safe outdoor environment that fits your pet's needs. At Easy Pet Fence, we carry a variety of corner and end systems so you can extend, upgrade, or end your fence where you see fit. Cat fence corners and ends help stabilize the fence. If you need superior cat fence corners or end pieces, we've got you covered with these heavy-duty systems.

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Our corner system kits support your Kitty Corral Fence System and keep it stable for your furry friend. Easy Pet Fence offers corner systems and end systems in a two-pack so you can create a layout that works for your outdoor space. If you need a cat corner system kit or cat end system kit, we can help you achieve a professionally installed look with our DIY cat fence equipment.

To attach your cat fence to our corner systems, you'll need 8-inch self-locking ties — not included.

What Is a Cat Corner System Kit?

Corner cat systems are an additional accessory to the Kitty Corral Fence System. These corner and end kits stabilize your fence and provide the necessary support. A corner system reinforces both sides of the fence line and posts to support the weight of the fence. 

To complete your cat fence, you'll also need to install an end system. Our cat end system kits are made of durable, high-quality materials to keep your enclosure in top condition for years to come. Our cat fence ends come with brace posts to keep the ends from bending or pulling out while you secure the monofilament lines. 

When purchasing a cat fence corner or end system, double-check that you are selecting the correct height. Our Kitty Corral Fence System corners and ends come in both 6-foot and 7.5-foot sizes.

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Cat fence corners and ends are essential components of a long-lasting catio. At Easy Pet Fence, we have one mission: to help keep your pets safe while they socialize and play outdoors. Whether you need to expand your Kitty Corral Fence System or upgrade your cat enclosure on an existing fence, we're ready to help you find simple, effective, and humane fencing options for your pets.

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