Tensioning is when you add a strong wire at the top and bottom of your fence, pulling it as tight as possible, so that your fence remains strong, making it stronger and more professional looking. Tensioning cable prevents sag, stretch, and ripples, and helps to keep fence posts standing tall.

A tensioning system consists primarily of the tensioning, either monofilament wire or steel core tension wire; and the fittings you’ll need to attach it to the posts and the fence. This will require monofilament connection sleeves and a crimping tool to secure the line around posts, and a hog ringer tool and hog rings to clip the fence to the wire. You’ll also need a way to tighten the line once it is attached. Our wire tightener is just the thing to remove all of the excess wire and get the strong tight line that you desire.

You’ll find all of the fence accessories needed for installing a tensioning system right here.