Tension Wire for Fence 

Say goodbye to sagging fences and unreliable containment sometimes caused by bad weather, unstable installation, or even constant jumping on the fence by your dog. At Easy Pet Fence, we have revolutionized safe pet containment with products like our easy-to-install tensioning accessories.

Tension Wire Kit

Tensioning is the process of adding a strong wire at the top and bottom of your fence, and then pulling it as tight as possible to strengthen the fence and give it a more finished, professional look. Most importantly, reinforcing your fence at top with tensioning helps prevent your pet from escaping! It also prevents sag, stretch, and ripples, which helps to keep the fence posts standing tall. Tensioning cable prevents sag, stretch, and ripples.

Our pre-packaged tensioning kits give you the convenience of having all the necessary tensioning tools and accessories in one kit. We offer three kit options — standard, deluxe, and contractor. 

Our easy-to-use standard kits include:

  • Monofilament wire
  • Dare round monofilament tighteners
  • Tension tool for dare round tighteners
  • Hog rings
  • Hog ring pliers
  • Cable clamps

Not included in the standard kit, but included in the deluxe and contractor kits, is the 9/16" hog ringer, an “automatic tool” that secures the fencing to the monofilament line. The standard kit includes manual pliers, but hog ringers are available and sold separately on EasyPetFence.com.

What Is a Tensioning System?

A fence tensioning system consists primarily of the tensioning — either a monofilament wire or steel core tension wire — and the fittings needed to attach it to the posts and the fence. The process requires monofilament connection sleeves, a crimping tool to secure the line around posts, and a hog ringer tool (or pliers in the standard kit) and hog rings to clip the fence to the wire. 

Once the line is attached to your corner or end posts, the next step is to tighten it. The Easy Pet Fence wire tightener is just the tool to remove the slack in the wire and get the strong, tight line you desire. The tensioned line can then be attached to line posts and fencing.

Easy Pet Fence offers eight and 12-gauge options for monofilament wire in black. If you decide to use trees as posts for your yard, we still recommend using this wire to support your fence. Monofilament, due to its tendency to stretch and shift with the movement of trees in wind or growth, is the ideal choice for this area and for other standard fences.

What Are the Benefits of a Tension Wire for Fences?

Some of the benefits of tensioning include: 

  • Maximizes optimal performance: Tensioning maximizes the performance of a pet fence by keeping it upright and sturdy. A properly tensioned fence keeps pets in and prevents accidents. 
  • Enhances stability: Tension wire reduces the likelihood of fences falling down or getting damaged by strong winds and falling limbs. The stability of the fence is essential for ensuring long-term durability. 
  • Improves visual attractiveness: Over time, fencing can sag or become loose from weather conditions or improper installation. By eliminating the sagging and unevenness, tensioning creates a more visually appealing boundary that improves the look of a property. 
  • Provides greater security: By tensioning your wire, you can keep your fence secure and minimize the risks of gaps or weak spots where pets could escape. 

Other Kits You Might Need 

If you feel tensioning won't be enough and need to replace your entire fence, we can help you with our plastic, steel, and welded wire dog fence kits. We also offer dog-proofing kits and dog fence extension kits to keep your pets safe and simplify your life. Our kits are perfect for DIY enthusiasts and simple to install. And even better, we have 5-star customer service representatives that can answer your questions before, during and after your fence build. 

Upgrade Your Fence Today With Easy Pet Fence

Achieving optimal tension along your fence line has never been easier. Don't compromise on the safety and well-being of your pets. Invest in Easy Pet Fence tensioning solutions and make your fence stronger. 

Explore our comprehensive selection of tensioning accessory solutions today and take the first step toward a safer space for your pets.