Fixed Knot Rolls

Keeping your animals safe is a top priority. Installing ineffective, flimsy barriers that easily break can be frustrating and time-consuming. Easy Pet Fence offers high-quality, durable fixed knot fencing to keep your animals close to home. Whether you want to prevent your beloved dog from escaping your property or your livestock from roaming too far, we have a solution for you. 

What Is Fixed Knot Fencing?

Fixed knot fencing is a sturdy design that prevents steel wires from unraveling, sagging, or loosening. Securely wrapped vertical and horizontal high-tensile steel wires create a knot shape, maintaining the fence's structural integrity.

A fixed knot fence is ideal for the following applications:

  • Animal containment
  • Protection from predators
  • Homestead and livestock protection

Fixed Knot Fence Rolls

A primary benefit of our fixed knot woven wire fence rolls is durability. If you're looking for a solution for keeping your dog safe on your property, our fixed knot fences are the strongest steel fences on the market. The Bezinal coating on our fixed knot fence offers protection against corrosion and increases the life expectancy of your fence for up to 30+ years.

This fencing material is also ideal for dog fencing as it is resistant to aggressive chewers, jumpers, and escape artists! 

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Easy Pet Fence offers fixed knot dog fencing to provide a sturdy enclosure for your furry friends. These sturdy fences feature graduated mesh to prevent your dog from biting through and escaping. 

You can select the following options for our woven wire fixed knot fence:

  • 17 lines of horizontal wire or 20 lines of horizontal wire 
  • 75" inches height or 96" inches height 
  • 6” vertical spacing or 12” vertical spacing 

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Dogs are naturally curious and playful — and some are magicians. If you want to let your sidekick roam to their heart's content without worrying about them getting stuck or escaping, Easy Pet Fence can help. We offer a wide variety of dog fence kits to fit your property and animal protection needs. 

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