Our Welded Wire dog fencing is ideal for large dogs with high energy that like to chew and dig. This fence for active dogs is PVC-coated in black to protect the fence material from the weather elements and external wildlife and is made from 12.5 gauge galvanized steel.  It contains a 4" x 4" welded wire fence mesh that will block attempts from external wildlife to come inside the fence area. Homeowners can even put up the metal fence around the swimming pool as it may meet pool code.  Welded wire pet enclosures are easy to install DIY fence projects!

Welded wire fencing retains shape and can be bent to match your fence line and property. The PVC coating does not crack or break when the welded wire is bent. The PVC-coated black color makes this fence virtually invisible from as close as 20 feet.

Our 12.5-gauge galvanized wire is coated with a heavy layer of black PVC for additional protection. The PVC is mixed with UV inhibitors to increase the useful life of the PVC coating protecting the wire. This wire is resistant to rusting and can withstand almost all weather, climates and regions. The welded wire fence will maintain shape and effectiveness in both hot and cold temperatures and can also be used in coastal applications involving salt spray.

PVC Welded Wire is simple enough for anyone to install without the help of a professional.  This fence is a lighter weight, yet durable alternative to more costly and complicated fence systems. Installation with our no-dig ground sleeve post system and UV treated heavy duty ties is simple enough for anyone. Once installed, this welded wire fence will require little to no maintenance.

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6' x 100' Welded Wire Dog Fence-12.5 ga. galvanized steel core; 10.5ga after Black PVC-Coating, 4" x 4" Mesh


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