Cat Fence Kits- Kitty Corral Cat Fence

Our Kitty Corral cat enclosures are made with quality poly fence mesh material. Kitty Corrals are suitable for cats of any age and are offered in height options of 6' and 7.5' which are much taller than traditional fences. The fencing combines an unsteady feel and impassable overhang to make cats apprehensive and unable to climb the cat fence.

Often when we think of a backyard fence for pets, we sometimes only think about our dogs and not our cats.

Pet owners need to know that both dogs and cats require a minimum of 30 minutes of daily activity in order to stay fit. In addition to fitness, kitties need time to socialize with other cats, breathe in fresh air, and explore new terrain.

If you are worried about how to make a cat outdoor enclosure, no problem! Our DIY projects are easy to install without the help from professional installers.

More often than not, cat owners think that cat fencing and catios are the same thing. While both systems are helpful for securing multiple cats in the yard, catios are more box-shaped and do not allow cats the freedom to explore the yard like a cat fence. Catios are great for townhouse owners with limited space; but for homeowners, choose a cat fence for ultimate control of land use. 

Our Kitty Corral cat enclosures are made from the same quality poly fence mesh material as our puppy fence. Kitty Corrals for kittens and adult cats are offered in multiple heights from 6' and 7.5' feet high - much taller than traditional fences and combine an unsteady feel and impassable overhang to make pet cats apprehensive and unable to climb the cat fence. With overhang extenders, cats are forced to stay in, while keeping wildlife, birds, stray dogs and feral cats, out. The base of the cat fence is constructed from welded wire fence mesh to prevent chewing and escaping. This is a safe and reliable outdoor play enclosure for cats that can also serve as a cat-proof fence for dogs!

Many cat owners are hesitant to allow cats the freedom to roam outside because of how easy it is for their domestic pets to jump over traditional fences, get lost, or hurt by wildlife. But, with our outdoor cat enclosure kits, cat owners can find peace of mind knowing that their pets are safe and secure in the backyard. Our DIY cat fencing options include one or two rolls of poly fencing, posts, our unique overhang extenders, ties, ground anchor stakes, a roll of wire mesh, and necessary hardware.


Please note: Cat fence accessories are not included. Gates, corner and end systems and other accessory items for cat fences can be ordered for an additional fee.

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