Cat Fence Conversion Kits For Existing Fence

Cats are notoriously curious and clever. While these are fun traits to observe, they can also make it difficult to provide a safe, outdoor place to play. Cats are natural escape artists so even if you have an existing fence, they can climb over it or find a way out. That is where Easy Pet Fence conversion kits come in. A simple kit gives you everything you need to make sure your cat is contained to your yard, giving it the freedom to play outside and gives you peace of mind knowing it’s safe and secure.

How Do You Cat-Proof an Existing Fence?

To cat-proof an existing fence, you want to install a cat fence extender that adds height, closes any potential gaps, and creates a barrier on your existing structure so your cat can't easily jump over your fence. A DIY cat fence extender can help you create a safer environment for your feline companion while allowing them to explore the outside world.

Cat Fence Extensions

Like dogs, cats enjoy a spacious area to play with other cats, explore new terrain, and breathe in new scents. We realize that homeowners may already have an existing fence that will not keep their cats in, but they can extend the fence using our cat fence extensions. 

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Your feline companion will enjoy any of our DIY cat fence solutions. Our humane and pet-friendly conversion kits allow your cat to explore and learn about their environment while remaining safe on your property. Choose any of our selections, or combine them to create a safe environment for your pet while giving them the freedom they need:

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  • Cat fence conversion kits for existing fences
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Instead of including fence posts in the extender kit, Easy Pet Fence includes overhang extenders, self-locking ties, and fence material needed to place an impassable overhang on any existing structure over five feet. Homeowners must only mount these fence extenders to existing line posts or to walls of a garage, shed, or outbuilding. Once mounted, attach the fencing material.

Our Cat Fence Conversion Kits

We have a wide variety of cat fencing options to suit any property, whether you wish to install them as DIY solutions or have the materials and instructions sent to a contractor. Exercise, fresh air, and healthy doses of sunshine are vital for your cat, and incorporating a cat fence can significantly help your pet's well-being.

Cat Fence Extenders for Existing Fence

Our easy-to-install, durable solutions will help ensure your cat enjoys the outdoors while staying safely in your yard. Choose from these effective options:

  • Cat fence conversion kits for 100-foot fences: Install the impassable overhang onto an existing structure that's over 5 feet tall. Our 100-foot kit converts 100 feet of your existing fence and is vinyl-coated for durability. It adds 1 foot of height to your current fence or structure.
  • Cat fence conversion kits for 200-foot fences: This extender is also fit for any structure over 5 feet tall and will add 3 feet to your existing outdoor structure. All our size options are robust and made to last for at least 15 to 20 years.
  • Cat fence conversion kits for 300-foot fences: Giving an extra 3 feet of height, this plastic cat fence extender is chew-resistant and has a breaking load of 750 pounds.
  • Cat fence posts: To complement your existing cat fence extender and add structural support, our fencing parts collection features cat fence posts in several sizes so you can continue offering your cat comprehensive, safe, and humane fencing solutions.

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Discover and shop our cat fence conversion kits today to provide comprehensive protection for your cat. To get started, you can also get in touch with us to learn more about how you can keep your furry friends safe.