Cat Fence Conversion Kits For Existing Fence

Cats are notoriously curious and clever. While these are fun traits to observe, they can also make it difficult to provide a safe, outdoor place to play. Cats are natural escape artists so even if you have an existing fence, they can climb over it or find a way out. That is where Easy Pet Fence conversion kits come in. A simple kit gives you everything you need to make sure your cat is contained to your yard, giving it the freedom to play outside and gives you peace of mind knowing it’s safe and secure.

Cat Extenders For Existing Fence

Like dogs, cats enjoy a spacious area to play with other cats, explore new terrain and breathe in new scents. We realize that homeowners can't just extend their property line; but they can extend the fence using our cat containment kit for existing fences. 

The cat fence extension kit provides cats with more room to roam the yard by converting an existing structure or fence into a larger outdoor play area. We offer sizing in 100', 200', and 300' lengths to accommodate different yard sizes. 

Instead of including fence posts in the extender kit, includes overhang extenders, self-locking ties and fence material needed to place an impassable overhang on any existing structure over five feet. Homeowners must only mount these fence extenders to existing line posts or to walls of a garage, shed or outbuilding. Once mounted, attach the fencing material.

Cats deserve the freedom to explore the backyard. Shop cat fence conversion kits today on (For complete cat enclosures, see the Kitty Corral Cat Fence.)