Cat Fence Gates

Here are two questions for cat owners: How is your cat going to get into the cat fence; and how are you going to visit your pet cat?

Every Kitty Corral Cat Fence needs a cat gate; which is why you’ll find lots of different pet fence gates for sale that match our cat fence systems. We offer gates for cat fences in various heights to accommodate the height of your cat fence, and in many widths, so you can have a gate that’s large enough for you to pass toys, furniture, or landscaping equipment into the enclosure.

Cat Fence Gates come with just about everything you’ll need to install the cat gate and frame onto your cat fence. Gates feature a reliable gate latch for added security. You’ll just need to provide a piece of fence material to complete the gate. EasyPetFence also includes the cat safe protection bar, which will close off the gap between the cat gate and fence so your kitty won’t escape or become stuck.

Please note: Fence Mesh is not included with gates.

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