Cat enclosures are great solutions for keeping your cat safe while letting them get fresh air and sunshine. However, some layouts can minimize accessibility to your yard or other areas of your property. With cat fence gates, you can install a matching frame to your existing enclosure to easily accommodate your needs.

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Installing a cat fence gate to your DIY cat fence makes it easier for you to visit your beloved pet without walking around the enclosure. Our cat fence access gates are the perfect addition to your existing space. 

Our cat proof gates come in a variety of sizes. You can choose from cat enclosure gate openings ranging from 3 to 7 feet wide and 6 to 7.5 feet tall. A smaller cat fence door may be ideal for your home and garden needs. Alternatively, a taller and wider gate is more suitable for allowing equipment and furniture through. 

Do Cat Fence Systems Need Cat Gates?

Though you might not require a cat gate for an existing fence, free-standing cat fence systems, including our Kitty Corral Cat Fence systems, will need gate access. Our cat gates allow easy entry while keeping your pet safely inside. 

Easy Pet Fence knows how important it is to keep your pets safe and contained on your property. That's why we're confident in our high-quality, reliable cat gates to prevent your furry friend from escaping or getting stuck as they explore to their hearts' content. Our cat fence doors also have a cat-safe protection bar to close the gap between your door and fence for maximum safety.

Our fence gate latches add extra security to your cat fence door. This feature enables you to move in and out of the enclosure easily.

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As a cat owner, there's nothing greater than seeing your playful pet enjoy the outdoors. Easy Pet Fence values simple, effective, and humane fence options to make this possible. If you already have a cat fence gate installed, you can improve access with our cat fence gates. Choose from various sizes to accommodate your property layout and allow your pet to roam safely. Shop our access gates today, or reach out to us online to learn more.