About EasyPetFence

At EasyPetFence, established in 2017 as a branch of Trident Enterprises International, we are proud to offer quality pet enclosures to satisfy the needs of individual landscapes, pet breeds and budgets. We are just as passionate about domestic animals as you; which is why all of our pet fence products are 100% harm-free to pets, owners and the environment. You will not find electric fence for dogs, shock collars, electric cat fences or electric poultry netting on EasyPetFence.

There are many reasons to say 'no' to invisible dog fences and electric fences for dogs and cats. Electric fencing works by sending a small electrical jolt to animals as a reminder not to cross the perimeter. (Shocks are usually through a shock collar that dogs wear.) The dog does not know when the shock will occur; but as they receive more and more harm, they begin to fear moving to the edge of the property line. Why would we, as pet owners, want to instill fear into our pets? This is why we are against invisible fencing for dogs: they are psychologically and physically damaging to pets.

As an e-commerce store, we carry easy DIY fence projects for domestic dogs, cats and even poultry. Our poly dog fence kits and rolls are our bestsellers; made from a tough plastic fence mesh for small and calmer dogs that will not jump on the fence. For active dogs that chew or dig, we recommend our steel hex fence kits and rolls which are completely chew-proof, dig-proof and ideal for large or high energy dogs. Steel Hex Web Fence is what our chicken fence are made of to secure backyard chickens, as well.

Animal wellness and protection is important for all pets. After all, we as pet owners want what's best for them. Many pet owners don't know that outdoor pets, dogs and cats need a minimum 30 minutes of daily outdoor activity to stay healthy and happy. For this reason and more, EasyPetFence offers easy to install dog fence and cat enclosures.

Often when we think of outdoor pet enclosures, we only consider backyard fencing for dogs. But, cat owners will be pleased to learn that there is a cat fence on the market for their domestic cat breeds called the Kitty Corral Cat Fence Kit that contains everything to assemble a reliable outdoor cat play house including Cat Fence Extenders.The Kitty Corral Cat Fence System is a great option for bird control and can protect dogs from stray cats, too!

All of our dog fence, cat fence and chicken fence for sale can be installed by homeowners without the help of a professionals in as little as one weekend. Our website offers step-by-step video tutorials through our YouTube channel and print-out instructions to assist all pet owners with fence installation. For easy pet fence installation, choose EasyPetFence!