About EasyPetFence

Who is Easy Pet Fence?

Easy Pet Fence is an online pet fence company that sells DIY fence projects for dogs, cats, and poultry. Since 2017, we've been proud to offer quality pet enclosures to satisfy the needs of individual landscapes, pet breeds, and budgets. We are passionate about domestic animals, so all of our pet fence products are 100% harm-free to pets, owners, and the environment. You will not find electric fences for dogs, shock collars, electric cat fences or electric poultry netting on EasyPetFence.

Say No To Electric and Invisible Fences 

Whether dogs, cats, or chickens, your animal companions live and breathe. They can feel pain and stress, just like people do. You wouldn't zap another person with an electrical jolt to get them to do what you want. But, when you use electric pet fences or netting, that's precisely what you're doing to your companions.

Electric fencing works by sending a small electrical jolt to animals as a reminder not to cross the perimeter. The shocks travel through a collar, usually worn by a dog, and the animal has no way to know when the shock will occur. But, as the shocks continue, the animal starts to fear moving to the edge of the property line. 

We don't believe in making our pets fearful or causing them pain. This is why we are against invisible fencing for dogs: They psychologically and physically damage pets. 

Our DIY Fence Projects

We have outdoor pet enclosures and easy DIY pet fence kits for dogs, cats, and poultry in our e-commerce store. 

Some of our bestsellers include our poly dog fence kits and rolls, which are perfect for small or calm dogs that aren't likely to jump on the fence. The fencing consists of a tough plastic material. 

We recommend our steel hex fence kits and rolls for active dogs who are likely to chew a fence or dig underneath. The steel material is dig-proof, making it an excellent pick for dogs with a lot of energy. If you have a flock of backyard chickens, you can use our steel hex web fence to keep them safe, too.

Animal & Pet Wellness 

Why let your pet outdoors? As a pet owner, you want the best for your animal companion. For many dogs and cats, that means at least 30 minutes of outdoor activity daily. Getting outdoors is good for your pet's physical and mental health. Spending time outside keeps cats and dogs stimulated while giving them the opportunity to run around and burn off their energy. We offer easy-to-set-up fences and pet enclosures to help keep your pets healthy and happy.

Our Outdoor Pet Enclosure Systems 

Dogs are outdoor pets, while cats stay indoors, right? Not really. Plenty of cats love to spend time outside, and many cat owners want to keep their feline friends safe. Our cat fence products prevent your pet from wandering away or jumping over the fence. Cat enclosures also help protect birds and other wildlife from your curious kitty and can safeguard your canine companion from stray cats.

Our chicken fencing allows your flock to roam freely outside of the hen house while staying safe from foxes and other predators. 

Choose Us As Your Pet Fence Company

We make it easy to set up a large outdoor pet enclosure and keep your animals safe. Our kits are designed for DIY installation, with no professional help required. You can set up your outdoor pet enclosure in a single weekend. If you need assistance, we have step-by-step tutorials on our YouTube channel and printed instructions to guide you.

Protect your pets without causing them harm — choose Easy Pet Fence. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote.