Add convenient entry points to your pet fence with a gate. Browse the entire collection of dog fence gates compatible with Easy Pet Fence products today!

Why Your Dog Fence Needs An Access Gate

An outdoor fence with a gate provides benefits for pets and owners alike:

  • It maintains visual appeal. The fencing materials you choose can boost your setting's aesthetics by allowing for unobstructed views. 
  • It enhances your security. Your gated enclosure for dogs can span your driveway and deter others from entering, giving you more peace of mind about your property's security.
  • It promotes easy access. This solution simplifies entering and exiting the enclosure for you and your dogs. Plus, a dog fence with a gate allows you to move other things, like lawn care machinery, furniture, and play equipment, in and out with ease.
  • It keeps pets safe. Our high-quality options let you create dog-proof gates to safeguard against unwanted escapes or visits from wildlife.

Why Choose Easy Pet Fence for Your Dog Fence Gate Needs? 

Homeowners countrywide partner with Easy Pet Fence for many reasons:

Our Commitment to Quality and Safety

Easy Pet Fence began with an unyielding dedication to quality and pet safety, and we maintain our commitment to those values today. We offer only simple and effective fencing crafted with premium workmanship and durable materials, like plastic and steel wire.

We also believe enclosure solutions should be humane, which is why we don't offer products that create fear or physical pain, such as underground fencing solutions.

A Wide Range of Options

At Easy Pet Fence, we know your property security and pet safety needs differ based on where you make your home. While one family may need to extend a barrier across a driveway, another may live by wildlife that requires taller fencing to keep out. That's why we offer multiple styles of dog fence kits and enclosure openings to meet your needs, including:

  • Sleeved dual driveway gates in standard and top-rail options.
  • Sleeved access gates in top-rail and standard configurations.
  • Various heights and widths to support the access and protection you require.

Easy DIY Installation

Our gates are easy to install with common tools, and each kit includes detailed instructions and all the hardware you'll need. Simply assemble it, add a piece of fencing to complete the look, and follow the installation directions for a simple DIY project. For a successful and effective installation, we recommend reading through the instructions first and contacting us with any questions that arise.

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High-quality fence gates for dogs promote easy access and practical security. We're ready to help you achieve both with our in-stock, affordable solutions. 

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