Our dogs enrich our pet-parent lives with their unconditional love. It's our job to return the favor by keeping them happy and healthy. Like us, they need time outside to breathe fresh air, exercise, and socialize with their furry friends. Dogs that don't have such opportunities often spend too much time indoors, becoming lazy and inactive. These traits can lead to health risks like cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Give your companions the physical and mental activity they deserve by creating a safe outdoor place to play, explore, and interact with Easy Pet Fence.

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We offer various dog fence solutions that come in multiple heights and lengths. Many come in convenient roll form or as complete DIY kits

Our material options and styles include:

Types of Backyard Dog Fences

There are many fence types on the market, each with unique characteristics to consider:

  • Wood fencing: Wood is often costly to install and can be time-consuming to maintain. This material is also vulnerable to the elements and pests like boring insects.
  • Vinyl fences: While they offer lower maintenance, vinyl panels and posts are frequently more expensive upfront to erect. They can also be sensitive to extreme temperatures, leading to cracking or warping.
  • Chain-link fences: This dog fence option provides visibility and economy but have reduced visual appeal. They will ultimately corrode over time.
  • Invisible dog fences: These fences deliver electric shocks to your pets if they get too close to the property limits. They create fear and pain instead of encouraging your companion to get the exercise they need.

Other options offer a cost-effective, low-maintenance, long-lasting, and humane solution.

Alternative & Affordable Dog Fencing Options

Alternative fencing from Easy Pet Fence helps you create a secure and enjoyable outdoor space for your companions to run, jump, and play. Our options are ideal for dogs of all types of dog breed, regardless of their different energy levels and personalities.

Install plastic dog fencing for those furry family members who are smaller, calmer, and less likely to jump or challenge the barrier's strength. This plastic dog fence is easy to build and typically lasts 10 to 15 years outside. Our metal fences offer enhanced strength and durability, perfect for larger or more rambunctious dogs. These steel dog fences can withstand the weather for 20- to 30-year life spans.

Easy-To-Install Dog Fences and Kits

At Easy Pet Fence, we specialize in easy-to-install dog fences to expand your companion's play space and make happy dogs happier. 

Our roll-form fencing is straightforward to build yourself. We can also supply installation instructions to your local contractor. We've developed our kits with the beginner in mind — they include all fence supplies and materials a DIY enthusiast or contractor needs for a successful installation! 

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