Chickens have long been a staple on countryside farms, providing fresh eggs to owners' families and neighbors. Many suburban and urban areas also allow homeowners to raise chickens so everyone can enjoy the taste of farm-fresh eggs. Other predators often target hens, reinforcing the need for a safe enclosure system to protect them. Easy Pet Fence proudly offers DIY chicken fence to solve that issue. 

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Our collection of solutions includes DIY kits and chicken fence rolls. Our kits come with the required materials and hardware based on your chosen options and feature chicken wire fence with a traditional steel-hex pattern. Continuous chicken fence wire rolls are available in several different heights and lengths. Materials options include PVC-coated steel, galvanized steel, and Cinto Flex E. We also carry spare or replacement parts to keep your system performing.

What to Know About Building a Chicken Fence

Chicken wire fences are durable and constructed to withstand the elements. Ours have an expected life span of 25 years when accurately installed and maintained! Adding to that value is their cost-effectiveness, especially compared to solutions like wood fencing. These options also feature a high breaking load and smaller weave that helps deter predators.

Building a chicken fence is an ideal project for DIY beginners and pros alike. It only requires standard tools, posts, hardware, and the right material. Our wire fencing is lightweight and easy for one individual to handle. Dismantling and reassembly are also straightforward for owners who may want to move birds around their property.

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