Cat Fence DIY Kit

Giving your cat a safe outdoor space to soak up rays, explore new sights and sounds, or exercise naturally has never been easier. Easy Pet Fence allows pet owners to build effective enclosures for their feline friends with our cat fence kits. Our kits are complete and easy to install, making them a perfect project for beginners and seasoned DIYers alike.

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Our selection of cat-proof fence kits includes three visually appealing fence types:

  1. Conversion kits for existing fencing to add angled tops to your fence line that help guard against escapes.
  2. Outdoor Cat Fence Kit, our poly mesh system with the same angled design.
  3. Catio kits to create fully enclosed spaces with enhanced protection for your pet.

What to Know About DIY Cat Fencing Solutions

Tailor your cat fence kit to create a one-of-a-kind space while enjoying the advantages of our convenient kits.

DIY Cat Fence Kit Options

The options for your kit vary based on the style you choose.

Conversion kits come standard in 1- or 3-foot heights, depending on how much you want to add to your existing barrier. The Outdoor Cat Fence Kit is available as a 6- or 7.5-foot-high solution. You can order either size in 100-foot increments up to 300 feet long to meet your enclosure needs. Gates, corners, and ends are available as add-ons.

Catios are all 7.5 feet tall and include the top and gate. These come in poly, poly max, steel hex, or welded-wire materials. Available lengths and widths are:

  • 7.5 feet by 15 feet
  • 7.5 feet by 30 feet
  • 15 feet by 15 feet
  • 15 feet by 30 feet
  • 30 feet by 30 feet

Cat Fence Kit Benefits

When you want to build a safe DIY outdoor space for your cat to explore, a fence kit simplifies the process. Easy Pet Fence includes all the materials and hardware you need to install your fence — you simply supply common tools and the labor required. We make it even easier with detailed instructions for you or a local contractor if you prefer not to DIY your cat enclosure.

You can modify the base kit options with additional components or features as required. That customizability makes it easy to meet your unique needs while shopping from one trusted online store!

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Easy Pet Fence is a reputable online retailer of DIY cat fence kits and barrier kits. Our products offer high-quality, simple, effective, and humane solutions for protecting your feline companions outdoors. Explore all our cat fencing solutions to find the right one. Not sure which fence type is best for your needs? We can help you decide with market-leading expertise and friendly customer service.

Contact us for advice, or order your DIY cat fence kit online today.