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Easy Pet Fence's cat fence parts lend structural support and additional convenience to your system. We carry a thorough selection of high-quality components for our fencing solutions to meet your needs. Our fast shipment and competitive pricing help DIYers confidently install and maintain their fences.

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Our collection of cat fence parts is available for secure online ordering and includes:

What Cat Fence Components Do You Need for Your Cat Fence System?

Our complete DIY feline fencing systems come with the hardware and materials you need to build your fence. You can easily add options from the parts listed above to your kit. These components maximize the value of your cat's outdoor space with convenience, security, and fun. 

For example, posts, corners, and ends help maintain stability but can also be mounting points for toys. Gates make access easy for pet parents and play equipment like cat tents, perches, and trees.

We recommend keeping spare cat fencing system components like hardware and fence material nearby. You'll have what you need to make fast repairs or replacements so your cats stay safe when using the system.

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Easy Pet Fence is a one-stop solution for all your feline enclosure components and cat fence replacement parts. We've been helping local contractors and pet owners countrywide build and maintain their solutions since 2017. Our extensive inventory is ready for quick shipping, frequently at no cost to you. Shop our entire portfolio of cat fencing to learn more about our high-quality offerings.

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