Dog Park Fencing

Dog parks with fences are invaluable for letting canine companions enjoy off-leash exercise, socialization, and exploration. At Easy Pet Fence, we proudly offer fencing solutions designed specifically for dog parks to keep furry friends safe, secure, and happy.

Our above-ground system is ideal for short-term needs like a dog adoption day. You can also use it where relocation is likely, such as in a housing development as new construction phases open. The in-ground system is perfect for creating a permanent play area. Both have sturdy top-and-bottom rail construction and back-to-back dog park gates to guard against accidental escapes.

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Above-ground dog park fencing systems from Easy Pet Fence form a 5-foot-tall enclosure. The design comes to life with ground stakes and footpads, making assembly and disassembly straightforward with standard tools. As a result, your organization will have minimal labor needs.

Our in-ground dog park fencing also reaches a 5-foot height for canine security. It uses standard construction methods with concrete and holes to let you build a dog park in a permanent location. This solution is popular in established communities, rescue organizations, and animal shelters.

DIY Dog Park Ideas for Your Neighborhood

Community dog parks are a great way to attract owners to the neighborhood by supporting their companion's need for off-leash romping. Set yours up for maximum success with our tips below.

Add Appealing Amenities

Many dog parents choose parks that offer increased levels of comfort. Consider adding shaded seating areas for owners to socialize with each other while supervising play. Drinking fountains — sized for humans and four-legged companions — are another popular amenity. Installing leash holders can help keep the area organized and ensure safe entry and exit.

Consider Waste Management

Another way to maintain a tidy and attractive space is by installing a comprehensive waste management system. Add pole-mounted stations with bags and trash receptacles to make disposal easy. These work best when you place them in strategic areas around the park, so one is always nearby. Signs encouraging owners to clean up after their pets can gently remind them of their responsibility to keep the space clean.

Choose Sturdy Elements

Off-leash time in the park can be more than simply running loose and socializing with other canines. Elevate the play value with agility courses, hoops, or dog walks that provide a fun challenge. These solutions also promote more bonding time. Opt for ruggedly constructed ones capable of withstanding the elements and high dog traffic.

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Easy Pet Fence has been a trusted online retailer for dog park fencing systems since 2017, so you can order confidently 24/7. Many orders qualify for free shipping to help your organization maximize its budget, and we match others' prices. Our team can also help you decide which system is right for your needs with expert advice. Not ready for a neighborhood park? Browse our comprehensive selection of enclosure options for homeowners, offering the same convenient and secure buying process.

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