Steel Hex Dog Fence Rolls

Dogs love running and playing outside. Creating a safe place for them to exercise with a fenced-in area can give you peace of mind. Steel hex dog fence rolls are ideal for medium and large dog breeds. These metal fences provide a strong, professional-looking barrier to prevent your beloved pooch from escaping and keep out unwanted pests. 

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Are you looking for a dog fence that can withstand wear and tear without obstructing your view? A steel fence roll may be just what you need. These fences feature small, hexagonal openings with PVC-coated galvanized steel for extra durability. 

Choose from a variety of black steel hex fence roll sizes, including:

  • 2' x 25'
  • 2' x 50'
  • 2' x 100' 
  • 2' x 150'
  • 3' x 25'
  • 3' x 50'
  • 3' x 150'
  • 4' x 150' 
  • 5' x 150'
  • 6' x 150'

Contain Your Dog With Metal Fencing

Some dogs, especially playful puppies, have a habit of pulling a disappearing act. Easy Pet Fence can help you tackle this problem with a simple, effective, and humane design. Our steel fencing rolls can protect your dog by keeping them in your yard or another designated area where they can safely explore. Key features of our steel hex dog fence rolls include:

  • Double-twisted for maximum strength
  • Chew-resistant
  • Dig-resistant 
  • Suitable for medium and large breed dogs
  • Unnoticeable from as close as 20 feet
  • 1-inch hexagonal mesh grid design 
  • 20 gauge galvanized steel
  • Reinforcement lines every 12 inches

Our steel hex web fences are also long-lasting, giving you a reliable solution for years to come. Thanks to our lightweight and flexible design, the installation process is minimal and does not require a professional. Our ground sleeve post system makes the fencing easy for almost anyone to install without digging. 

If you need an outdoor dog enclosure that requires little maintenance and creates a strong barrier for your dog, consider the benefits of our chew-resistant steel fences.

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Installing steel hex web rolls creates a durable, resilient fence for your furry companions. Easy Pet Fence offers many DIY dog fence kits and materials to accommodate your needs. Whether you want to prevent your energetic puppy from chewing through your fence or digging under it, we're happy to help you find a solution. Shop our dog fence rolls today, or contact us to learn more about animal fencing.