Catio/Cat Enclosure Parts

Cats are curious creatures. As a cat owner, you've probably noticed your pet's tendency to sit by the windows or roam in your yard. Catios, or cat patios, are one of the latest trends for cat owners. These outdoor enclosures allow your beloved pet to stretch, climb, and explore in a safe environment. If you're considering installing a cat fence or want to upgrade your existing one, we have the catio accessories you need to optimize your outdoor space for your furry friend.

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Are you looking for a way to expand your catio or install one for the first time? At Easy Pet Fence, we carry a wide range of heavy-duty catio and cat enclosure parts, including:

  • T-Shaped Thru Fittings
  • L-Shaped Thru Fittings
  • 3-Way Thru Fitting
  • 4 Way Flat Side Fitting
  • 5-Way Flat Center Fitting
  • 3-Way Flat Corner Fitting
  • 18 Gauge Steel Canopy Pipes
  • Zinc-plated U-Bolts

Whether you want to keep your pets in or keep critters out, you can rely on our high-quality parts for ease of use.

Selecting the Right Cat Enclosure Parts

When it comes to your catio, you want to choose durable and effective parts to expand your enclosure. Easy Pet Fence can help you create a simple and long-lasting installation. 

Our galvanized steel products with weather-resistant black powder coatings can help keep your cat enclosure looking sleek and clean. If you need new parts to change the shape of your catio, our fittings can help get the job done. These welded connectors come in various inlet and outlet configures, so you can create many enclosure layouts.

To find the right catio enclosed parts for your yard, consider the flow of your panels and the arrangement you want to achieve. Our fitting accepts 1 3/8" in diameter pipe. The 18 gauge black powder-coated galvanized steel canopy pipes come in various lengths ranging from 32" to 107 ¾". 

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Providing your cat with suitable outdoor space can improve their happiness and overall well-being. At Easy Pet Fence, our goal is to help pet owners like you to keep your pets safe. We know that every cat has unique needs, which is why we offer superior cat enclosure accessories so you can adapt your catio as you see fit. Contact us today for more information or explore our cat fence parts online.