Key Features 

  • Secure Two-Gate Entry System: Designed to prevent accidental escapes, the two-gate entry system offers a safe and controlled environment for dogs to play and interact. 
  • High fencing: at 5' high, the dog park will be effective at keeping dogs safely contained during play and activities.  
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for rescues, animal shelters, and parks, catering to the unique needs of dogs in various settings. 
  • Easy Installation Process: With its simple setup process, the EasyPetFence Dog Park allows for quick installation, making it an ideal choice for organizations with limited resources or time. Only standard tools are required for installation. 

 The EasyPetFence Above Ground Dog Park is great for temporary parks or play areas that will be set up for only a brief time, like adoption events or park days. When the dog park is not in use, it can be dismantled and stored away for use at a later date. This system uses footpads and ground stakes instead of the traditional method of digging holes and using concrete. The result is a simple dog park large enough for multiple dogs to be entertained at the same time. 

The EasyPetFence Dog Park, is designed to provide a safe and engaging environment for dogs at rescues, animal shelters, parks, neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and backyards. This easy-to-install solution is perfect for organizations looking to create a dedicated space where dogs can socialize, exercise, and bond with their owners or potential adopters. 

5' high PVC coated welded wire fence paired with a top and bottom rail offer added strength and stability to withstand various outdoor conditions. The more secure two-gate entry system comes standard and ensures that no dog can accidentally escape, providing peace of mind for both dogs and their owners. 


Importance of a Dog Park for Dogs and Owners 

 A well-designed dog park offers numerous benefits for both dogs and their owners, including: 

  • Socialization Opportunities: Dog parks provide a controlled environment for dogs to interact with other canines, helping them develop essential social skills and reducing the risk of behavioral issues. 
  • Physical Exercise: A dedicated space for dogs to run and play contributes to their overall health and well-being, helping to prevent obesity and related health issues. 
  • Mental Stimulation: Exploring an unfamiliar environment and engaging with other dogs offers mental stimulation, keeping dogs mentally sharp and happy. 
  • Bonding Time: Dog parks offer an opportunity for owners to bond with their pets in a fun and relaxed setting, strengthening the human-animal connection. 
  • Community Building: A dog park fosters a sense of community among pet owners, encouraging social interaction and camaraderie. 

Install an EasyPetFence Dog Park today and experience the incredible benefits it offers for dogs and their owners, while promoting responsible pet ownership and a strong sense of community. 

warning-2-.pngWARNING: California Residents Click For Proposition 65 Warnings

Height: 5’ High 
Sizes available: 18’x18’, 36’x36’, 54’x54’ 
Color: Black 
Fencing material: 5' x 100' Welded Wire Dog Fence-14 ga. galvanized steel core; 12 ga after Black PVC-Coating, 2" x 2" Mesh 
Posts and Hardware: Powder coated galvanized metal 
Top Rail: Yes 
Double Gate System: Yes 
Installation method: Above ground with footplates; The 36'x36' and 54'x54' will include angle braces for some of the inline posts.

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EasyPetFence Dog Park - Above Ground


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