The top rail corners of your dog fence provide support and stability for your fence in two directions. This sleeved corner system is designed to be strong and stable, providing years of strength for your dog fencing system. The corner provides angled support for the dog fence to prevent bending or pulling out of the ground when the fencing and tension wires are applied. Corners should be used when a turn, more than 45-degrees, occurs in the fence line.

Top rail creates a strong frame for the dog fence and will allow the fence to withstand dogs who like to jump and paw at the top of the dog fence. 

The dog fence corner was designed to work with our no-dig dog fence kits. This corner can be assembled without specialized tools and eliminates the need for difficult digging* and the use of concrete. It is designed as a DIY solution for dog owners looking to create a strong dog fencing system. Use our pointed ground sleeves to install the corner posts. You will need a drive cap to install this corner, so be sure to add one when purchasing this item individually.

Use of these sleeved top rail corner systems will provide the support needed for a long-lasting dog fence while also giving the fencing a professionally installed look.

The dog fence end was designed to work with our top rail dog fence kits. It comes with the attachment hardware to hold a top rail, but does not include any of the top rail pipe. This pipe is included in the top rail kits we sell. It can be purchased separately if using this end for a different installation.

*Some prep digging may be required for homeowners with rocky, or hard ground. See instructions before purchase.

1 5/8" No-Dig Sleeved Top Rail Corner System Parts & Installation

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1 5/8" No-Dig Sleeved Top Rail Dog Fence Corner System- 2 Pack


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