Humane dog fencing to protect your pets.

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Protect your furry friends with our no harm DIY fencing kits

We stock everything you need for domestic dogs, cats, poultry and more.

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Dog Fence Kits

Virtually invisible fencing that caters to many different dog breeds.

Cat Fence Kits

Keep your curious cat safe during their outside endeavors.

Cat Conversion Kits

Leave “jumping the fence” in the past. Our extenders are here to help.

Full Enclosures

A perfect solution for limited space, while still letting your pets enjoy the outdoors.

Pet Fence Accessories

Tools, stakes, tensioning materials, and more.

Need help determining the materials and budget for your job?

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Helpful Articles & DIY Guides

Best Fencing for Dogs: Plastic vs. Metal
Best Fencing for Dogs: Plastic vs. Metal

We'll explore the benefits and drawbacks of each option, so you can make an informed decision and have peace of mind knowing your pup is contained.

Why do dogs dig?

We all know dogs are born with a natural instinct to dig, but there are many other reasons behind a dog’s digging.

Install Cat Fence Posts

Cat fence posts are just as easy to install as dog fence line posts. They just require one additional step.

Why Easy Pet Fence?

Because we love your pets just as
much as you do…

At Easy Pet Fence, we take furry four-legged family very seriously. Just like you, we want your pets to thrive and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. That is why it is our mission to offer affordable and humane fencing alternatives for your pet.

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