DIY Pet Fencing: Trending For Summer!

Excited to play outside in this warm weather? You are not alone. Dogs and cats are looking forward to socializing, playing and exercising in the great outdoors - and they want to do it from the convenience of their own home. So, doesn't it make sense to get them the hottest product of the season? A yard fence from

Pet fencing from is the humane alternative to electric fence for dogs. Unlike chain-link fence that corrode, and electric dog fence that harm animals, an fence will not harm domestic animals; last up to 30 years in the field and look great in yards. pet fences are easy to install and do not require professional installation. The perfect project for DIY'ers! offers dog fence for sale in a poly fence and metal fence mesh. For small or calmer dogs that won't jump on the fence, we recommend our durable plastic dog fencing. For larger, chewing dogs, it's best to go with a metal dog fence. Cat owners will be pleased to learn that there is a cat fence on the market for their kitties! Our Kitty Corral Cat Fence includes a top to safeguard the cat from birds and other wildlife. This outdoor fence for cats can serve as a dog fence to keep out cats, as well.  And, did you know that free-range chickens produce better tasting eggs that are healthier than grocery store eggs? Chicken owners will find the finest chew-proof poultry fences for their chicken farm with Steel Hex Web fencing in PVC - a similar look to chicken wire.

Our fence supplies ship directly from our headquarters in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. In addition to free shipping on orders over $99.00, we offer fast shipping rates throughout North America. No matter which type of animal fence you choose to install yourself, guarantees that your domestic animal will be satisfied with their new outside play area. Explore to begin your do-it-yourself project.

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