2019 Dog Tick Mapping

The most active time for tick activity and bites is in the spring and summer months when the weather gets warmer, usually beginning in March. These seasons place pets at high risk of tick bites when pet owners take them outside for walks, hikes and trips to dog parks. 

So far, 2019 has seen a fair share of tick movement on dogs. According to Parasite Prevalence Maps, there have been over 79000 confirmed cases of Lyme Disease in dogs with over 1 million dogs tested. The New England states are at a higher risk of tick infections than the lower Midwest states. For example, Pennsylvania has seen over 12000 confirmed Lyme cases in dogs whereas Texas has only seen 177 confirmed cases. 

To protect pets from ticks, pet owners must keep wildlife out of yards that are spreading ticks with infections. They must groom pets regularly after outdoor playtime. They must know how to properly remove ticks from the fur of pets. They must be proactive in speaking with veterinarians and keeping their pets healthy. 

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