5' Weld Wire Dog Fence!

5' Weld Wire Dog Fence! is pleased to announce the expansion of the welded wire dog fence rolls collection to include a 5' x 100' 14 gauge fence roll with 2" x 2' mesh holes.

Welded wire is desired by homeowners for its aesthetics. Welded Wire is the strongest metal fence type available through and is known for its beauty on landscapes and chew-resistant abilities to further protect dogs securely on landscapes. 

Our 5' x 100' Welded Wire dog fence is ideal for large dogs with high energy that like to chew or dig. This 5' Chew Resistant dog fence is PVC-coated in black to protect the fence material from inclement weather and external predators [such as wildlife or stray cats] and is made from 14 gauge galvanized steel. It contains a 2" x 2" fence mesh. Thickness of fence after PVC-coating is approx. 12 gauge. Homeowners can even put up the 5' metal fence around the swimming pool as it may meet pool code. Welded wire pet enclosures are easy to install DIY fence projects for active dogs. 

Learn more about the 5' x 100' welded wire fence roll from now!

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