About Feral Cats

Homeowners may see new adorable looking furry faces in their yards this spring; and it's due to a common cause. Cat breeding season, also called "kitten season," begins in March and runs until October. This is when homeowners see feral baby cats springing up in yards and animal shelters see an increase in cats.

Feral cats are not like normal domestic cats. They are not social-able nor approachable. They do not play well with children nor other companion animals. 

There are over 58 million feral cats roaming throughout the United States. While some feral cats can be adopted at a very young age, most cannot. To help feral cats in the neighborhood, cat enthusiasts can start a TNR Program to help reduce the number of homeless cats homeowners see throughout the year.

TNR Programs are humane and do not harm cats. This is the most effective means to help community cats.

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