Adopt Pets In Virginia

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Temperatures are soaring as we approach the summer months, and that means animal shelter populations are surging too.

Many animal shelters across Hampton Roads are full. 

Jessica Wilde is the Shelter Operation Supervisor at the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center. She says area shelters are in constant communication with each other.

“A lot of pets are getting out because it’s nice, and so we are seeing a lot of stray animals and in turn, it leads to more animals up for adoption in the shelters,” said Wilde.

That includes Pete, a beagle-mix currently at the Virginia Beach shelter. Pete was found in a live animal trap on Ocean Shore Avenue in Virginia Beach. 

“She’s really sweet, she’s just a little shy,” Wilde said. “She’s ready to be spoiled, aren’t you!”

Wilde says more strays and baby animals are entering the shelter, too. 

“We work together with a lot of our local shelters and everyone is feeling the crunch. We talked to numerous other shelters: Chesapeake, Norfolk, Peninsula, Virginia Beach of course, and Suffolk, everyone is full. We are kind of getting out and about and being more active and in turn, we see that with animals too. It’s not just dogs, it’s not just cats, it’s everything.”
This includes rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles. 

“Make a little list of things you are looking for in a new pet and hit every shelter. When you find the right one and it fits the right criteria, it’ll be the perfect fit.”

Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center is offering adoption discounts. You can find more:

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