Attach Fence To Posts

Attaching pet fencing to line posts is easy and only requires one fence part to do it. Here's what is needed to install fence mesh to HD line posts:

Zip ties - but not just any ones. The self-locking ties found at general hardware stores are usually not long or strong enough. For dog and cat fence installation, homeowners will need to use 8" zip ties around galvanized steel line posts. Choose 14" zip ties if using wooden posts. Not only are these ties wider and longer than traditional zip ties; but they are UV-stabilized to stand protected against harsh weather elements. If strength is a concern, or residents live in areas with extreme temperature swings, it may be best to choose stainless steel self-locking ties for the DIY fence project. 

Zip ties can be added by hand or with a cutter puller tool - a fence tool used for attaching fence mesh to post by creating tension along the vertical post and snipping off the excess tie to offer the fence a polished look.

Fence install tip: Use one zip tie per foot along the vertical line post for best results. 

14" zip ties8" zip tiesAttach fence mesh to postsSelf locking ties for pet fenceStainless steel zip ties