Best Rabbit Fence

Many pet safety groups urged individuals not to gift bunnies for Easter; but for those that now own a cute rabbit, they will need a secure fence for them to hop around outside. There are many fence on the market; but not all are fit for rabbits.

The best type of rabbit fence is made from metal construction. Plastic fences will not resist chew marks caused by bunnies; and other types of fence, such as wood, will begin to splinter. A metal fence with PVC coating is best to secure rabbits in yards and block chewing attempts from rabbits and external predators. This type of fence is used by chicken owners to secure poultry against coyotes, foxes, and wolves. Because of the hexagonal shape, rabbits will not be able to chew through the material nor will they be able to slip through the tiny holes. 

The teeth on rabbits grow five inches per year. If they do not trim them down, then they will be in pain. Therefore, they tend to find fences to help relieve their pain. The PVC coating acts as a secondary layer of protection and will keep the steel core untouched from chew marks from bunnies. 

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