Cold Weather Pet Tips

(KNWA) - When it rains and snows, your dog still has to go outside to take care of business. 

If they are a short-haired breed, they will need an extra coat to warm them up. 

Snow boots can also protect your dog's pawa from rock salt and other elements.

"It's cold for you, but you can wear coats and hats and mittens, and they only have what they have," Taylor Bates from the Coulee Region Humane Society said.

Bates said you should try and keep your pets outside time as short as possible when temperatures drop. 

If you keep your pet outside, you should make sure you provide the correct bedding for your animals.

It's a crime when a person knowingly fails to supply an animal with adequate shelter and food, according to Arkansas State Law.

"If they do live outside, they need to have a solid enclosure that they can get out of the weather," Springdale Animal Services Director, Courtney Kremer, said. "Don't put blankets in there, straw is much better because it doesn't stay wet and it keeps them warmer longer."

Kremer said another tip is to always have a water bowl available. 

It sounds simple but keeping your pets hydrated during the winter helps regulate their body temperature. 

If you see any animals that need a welfare check, call animal control.

Story re-posted from Written by Lauren Krakau, KNWA
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