Deer Jumps Dog Fence

Let's face it, dogs bark at the unknown and chase everything they see: lizards, people and wildlife animals. If pet owners aren't buying a dog fence that is the right height for their dog breed, their animals may find themselves in conflict with wildlife. 

Here's what happened to a small dog when it continued to bark at a white-tailed deer in the backyard (non-graphic content):

Pet-wildlife encounters are common; and sometimes animals just want to play; but more often than not, wild animals are looking to eat and prey on pets. If coyotes are a problem in your area, buy a fence that is chew-proof and at least 6 feet high. For deer control, choose a 7.5 to 8' feet high fence in plastic or metal material.

Don't fear the deer - do something about it to protect pets in the yard. 

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