Dog Attacked By Bear

This past week, an 11-month-old puppy named Clover was walking with her owner when suddenly a black bear approached them. 

The bear took hold of the black lab and golden retriever mix and shook her before Clover's owner, Dustin Gray, took control of the situation. Gray punched and kicked the bear before jabbing him in the eye when the bear ran away. Clover lives and is resting at home. 

The puncture from the bear has left Clover sore and weak. The attack has injured Clover's foot pad leaving a loss of feeling. 

“Right now we’re just hoping that it clears up,” Gray said.

Wild Animal attacks on pets is common and can have damaging effects on pets, even fatalities. This is why owners should install a dog fence around perimeters to keep deer, coyotes and other animals away. A dog fence is not strong enough to keep out a bear; but other fence types may do the trick for bear management. 

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