Dogs Can Get High

The legalization of weed around the country in 11 states plus Washington, D.C. is raising questions and concerns with pet owners that want to know can dogs get high?

The short answer is yes. 

"Dogs will get into anything and everything," says veterinarian Dorrie Black, of the veterinary clinic Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services. (NPR's All Things Considered).

While people may smell pot and think it smells bitter or pungent, to a dog, the scent of pot smells sweet and inviting. 

When dogs ingest marijuana, they can often feel the same effects as people when they inhale, or ingest, the cannabis plant. "Veterinarian Benjamin A. Otten of allCREATURES veterinary clinic in El Cerrito, Calif., says he looks for these telltale symptoms when identifying "marijuana toxicity" in a dog:" (NPR)

  • Wobbly movements, like a person who is drunk
  • Dribbling urine
  • A dazed or glazed look in the dog's eyes
  • Low temperature
  • Nervousness

The effects of marijuana in dogs have not been seen by veterinarians to poison dogs or kill them. Weed hasn't been shown to cause organ failure in dogs; but it is still advised not to give dogs drugs of any kind. Cannabis oil (CBD) on the other hand, is used for pet medical conditions and ailments including anxiety.

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