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EasyPetFence.com introduces a new website feature!

Now, customers can make website and product reviews on EasyPetFence.com. Customers will receive an email a few days after purchasing products asking them to write a review. The customer that reviews the EasyPetFence.com products or website will receive an exclusive discount code to use on another purchase. 

Reviews help EasyPetFence.com know how to improve and also help future buyers find the right products for their needs. 

Here are a few EasyPetFence.com reviews that we have received:

"I bought this fence a few weeks back and we absolutely love it! Wasn't hard to install and has held up great with our two large breed dogs." Stephanie B.

"I rescue and live close to a busy road. The cats constantly try to escape the house to enjoy the outdoors but it’s so dangerous. This fence was perfect. They love being able to go in and out. They can enjoy outside life and be safe from the cars and all the birds, chipmunks and squirrels are safe from them." Kendra D. 

"Fencing is amazing. I have 4 dogs, 2 labs, and 2 mixed smaller breeds. The fencing was used across my metal fencing entire backyard. My dogs have not been able to get out once! It's tough and durable and very deterring. I feel very safe with my dogs in my backyard on the golf course! No way they can escape on me. As a bonus, it is almost camouflage." Kim H. 

Feel like writing a review now? Click on the orange 'Reviews' icon on the homepage to write a review.

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