Backyard Chicken Fence

Chickens are not meant to be caged animals.

They are happier when they are able to wander freely around landscapes. Free-roaming chickens produce better-tasting eggs; perhaps because they are healthier. (This means fluffier cakes for bakers!)

The traditional chicken fence is steel and hexagonal in shape; and while we agree with this style to an extent, we want to take it one step further. We feel that the hexagonal fence should include a PVC coating around the steel. The PVC acts as a secondary barrier to keep the steel protected from chew marks and weather elements such as corrosion and snow. Steel Hex Web Fence is used in wildlife management areas and on farms to rid coyotes and other chewing animals that may attempt to harm the flock. 

While electric poultry netting is on the market, it's not necessary. This is a much more humane alternative that is easy to install and will last up to 30 years in the field. 

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