How To Socialize Dogs

Dog training can be done at any age; but the sooner that pet owners start dog obedience training, the better off they will be. Like us, dogs need time with other dogs to socialize and play; and there are many ways to train dogs to socialize with other dogs. Here is how to socialize dogs:

  1. Go to a leash-off dog park; but keep your dog on a leash until they feel comfortable around the dogs at the park. Stay close to the dog in case other pets become aggressive.
  2. Every time your dog plays with another pet, and doesn't act up, give him/her a healthy dog treat.
  3. Allow your dog to watch other dog's behaviors; and see how they respond.
  4. Do not tug on the dog leash. Let them sniff around and observe their surroundings. 
  5. Go to dog training classes to let them play.
  6. Arrange a play date in your fenced-in backyard.

These dog training tips will prepare old and new dogs to be around other types of dogs. 

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