Its' Global Cat Day!

Its' Global Cat Day!

Global Cat Day is held on October 16th each year to recognize the need to adopt and/or foster cats. It started in 2001 from Alley Cat Allies as a way to spread the word about the feral cat problem in the United States.

Cats make wonderful pets. They are independent; playful and potty-trained (all they really need is a litter box). Adopting cats at a local animal shelter gets cats off the streets and gives them a second chance at finding a forever home.

Additionally, cat adoption gives pet owners a chance at finding the perfect pet at a reasonable cost. It is a much better idea than buying cats from pet stores or from third parties. Most likely, shelter cats are already spayed or neutered and have had shots. 

Cat enthusiasts interested in fostering cats or starting a TNR Program will need to speak with a foster care coordinator to learn how to get started. Fostering cats helps cats adjust to life outside of the shelter and helps potential cat owners learn about the cats looking for homes. 

This Global Cat Day, consider cat adoption from a local humane society near you.

Cat owners that adopt in the month of October will receive a special discount off cat fence kits from!

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