It's National Puppy Day

Established in 2006, March 23rd is declared to be National Puppy Day, a day for current pet owners, and future dog owners, to see that puppies really are our best friends. 

Puppies are not only adorable; but they bring unconditional love, respect, protection and care to owners and share many special moments with them - from a first bike ride to a first baby. In return, we not only teach them lessons; and care about their well-being, but we watch them grow into smart, adult dogs. 

There are many ways to celebrate and get involved this National Puppy Day:

  • Adopt a puppy from a no-kill animal shelter;
  • Volunteer at dog rescue;
  • Run a 5K supporting the humane treatment of animals;
  • Advocate for anti-cruelty of animals

Dog owners are encouraged this National Puppy Day to adopt puppies from humane societies and to bring them home to a safe and loving environment. It's important that new pet owners get puppies their first shots and vaccines and discuss healthy dog foods for proper nutrition. 

The first few weeks at home with a new puppy can be challenging (it's like taking home a newborn child). It's not only new for the pet owner, but a new environment for the puppy. Dogs will need to learn their surroundings; and for the pet owner, this means teaching the puppy right from wrong and where to venture and not around a property. Pet owners can discuss how to train puppies with a certified dog trainer, train dogs in the yard. suggests that a humane dog fence is built the first few weeks after taking the dog home so they can learn new skills in a comfortable environment. 

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