Keep Deer From Pets

Many times, we see home videos of deer encounters with pets; and they aren't at all what we expect to see. While we expect to see animal vs animal action, we tend to find that deer and other wild animals are comforting and sweet to pets. Although this looks cute on camera, the truth is that we should not encourage our domestic animals to socialize with these type of wildlife. 

Deer, for one, carry tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. While a kiss from a deer may seem harmless, the white-tailed deer can spread ticks to pets, humans and even livestock animals. It's best to keep pets away from deer. 

Deer also spread Chronic Wasting Disease, a fatal neurological disease. Although CWD does not affect humans, it can spread from animal to animal. We hear more about deer and elk receiving Chronic Wasting Disease; but it's better safe than sorry to keep dogs and cats away from deer.

For homeowners who plan to let pets out in the backyard, it's best to have a fence enclosure that is between 7.5' to 8' high. Deer can jump over 7' feet high; but they won't attempt the jump unless they are being chased by a predatory animal such as a coyote or a member of the wolf pack. Keep this height deer fence in-mind when shopping for a fence for dogs.

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